Miele Electronic Door Lock

This is an overview of the Miele dishwasher electronic door lock.

This is an expensive part, close to $300 retail and is a common failure on all models starting the 2000 series machines.


The latch arm is extended and retracted by a high quality DC motor.


The latch arm has cams that activate micro switches to tell the electronic the position of the latch.



The diagrams below are from the service manual.

The Knock 2 Open feature is present on the newest models of Miele dishwasher. It uses vibration sensors built into the power electronic to sense knocks and then use the automatic door latch to open the door.

From Miele’s website:

The perfect solution for handleless design

Not magic, but Miele: Knock2open turns dishwashing into a magical experience while delivering the perfect solution for handleless kitchen designs. “After knocking twice on the front panel of the fully integrated Miele dishwasher, the door opens by about 4 in completely on its own using an ingenious opening mechanism.” A convenience that you can enjoy every day.

As always call RD Appliance Service, Corp. for your Miele appliance repair needs. We are Miele Factory authorized and provide Miele appliance service in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY




One of our trucks

This is why 80% of our repairs are completed on the first trip

A short video of one of our work trucks. About 80% of our repairs are completed on the first trip, you can see we stock a lot of parts. We also carry specialty tools such as an All dolly and air sled to aid in repairing some of the larger built in appliances.

We service all brands by specialize in premium brand appliances. We are Factory authorized for Miele, Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau, Bluestar, NXR, Smeg, Tecnogas Superiorie and about 10 other boutique brands.

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Updates for 2018

Hello appliance owners of Long Island, NY.  2017 was a busy year at RD Appliance Service, Corp.  We’re just back from the 2018 ASTI, a national training convention. This year it was held in St. Pete Beach, Florida.  We learned a lot of great business and technical information which will make 2018 an even better year.

In 2017 we:

  • hired a new technician, Michael.  He’s a great tech and an asset to our company.
  • increased the Miele appliances we service, now covering their full line of kitchen and laundry appliances
  • contracted with BSH Group to provide factory authorized service appliance service for all Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau and Siemens appliances
  • helped to found a new trade group, Accomplished Appliance Technicians of America which focuses on improving the professionalism and technical skill in the appliance repair industry, something the industry is in great need of.

In January 2018 we:

  • rented a new office, our new location is 218 Broadway, Suite 3R, Bethpage, NY, 11714 (please note that the office isn’t regularly staffed, so please call before visiting)
  • contracted with Bluestar cooking to provide factory authorized service on Bluestar cooking appliance
  • contracted with Adco service to provide service on about a dozen premium European brand appliances.

Look out for more action from RD Appliance Service, Corp. in 2018.  We are continuously improving our business and our technical skills.  As always we provide the highest quality appliance service available for Nassau County and western Suffolk County, Long Island.

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Miele Service Provider Training

This week RD Appliance Service, Corp. is attending Miele factory training on Miele’s newest line of appliances, Generation 6000.We’re training on all of their products, from coffee systems to ranges, dishwashers to speed ovens. 

Call RD Appliance Service, Corp. at 516-561-0523 for Miele appliance repairs in Nassau County, Long Island to ensure that your products are repaired by experienced and trained technicians. 


RD Appliance Service, Corp. is now a Miele Authorized Service Provider

Beginning this month we’ve entered into an agreement with Miele, Inc. to provide factory service for their dishwashers. Their other appliance lines will be added in the near future. 

Building on our decade of knowledge in servicing Miele products we have now been granted access to their factory training courses and their diagnostic software. This enables us to service Miele’s newest and most technically complex Generation 6000 line of appliances.

If you need service for your Miele appliances in Nassau County,  Long Island please call us at 516-561-0523 or visit our website at http://www.rdapplianceservice.com.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair Nassau County Long Island

Here at RD Appliance Service, Corp. we take new technology seriously. Samsung is at the front line of modern refrigeration utilizing dual evaporator technology. One of the common problems with the dual evaporator refrigerators is a clogged drain in the fresh food section. This causes ice to build up and block the evaporator fan, as well as leaking water into the bottom of the fresh food section. Look closely at the image below (which is a GE refrigerator built by Samsung) and see the ice in the air ducts.


This GE branded Samsung refrigerator is showing classic signs of a clogged drain

That’s the evaporator cover,  behind it looks like this:


Frozen samsung refrigerator evaporator


The first image shows the ice build up on the evaporator itself, the second shows the ice encasing the fan. This happens because the mositure which normally goes down the drain, now blocked, stays in the compartment and the fan sucks it up.


Clogged fresh food drain Samsung refrigerator

The drain gets blocked for a few reasons. In this instance it was blocked deep in the drain. The drain runs behind the freezer. The homeowner was regulary using large volumes of ice from the icemaker, causing it to run almost constantly. Samsung refrigerators default to a super cold setting (-14°F) whenever ice production is needed. In this case that was all the time. So the drain froze.

Another reason drains clog is a clogged or detoriated “duckbill”, a rubber funnel that only lets drops of water through at a time, and prevents warm air from coming back up the drain into the cold fridge.


Old deteriorating duckbill

The image above shows an old and dried out duckbill. At RD Appliance Service, Corp. we stock replacements and always use new ones while some companies simply remove them altogether (out of ignorance or laziness). This action causes other problems that may not become apparent until much later.


New duckbill

So if your Samsung refrigerator is leaking or getting warm the drain may be clogged. Call RD Appliance Service, Corp. at 516-561-0523 or visit or website at http://www.rdapplianceservice.com

We will CORRECTLY handle all of your Samsung refrigerator repair needs for Nassau County, Long Island.